Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 things I'll miss and won't miss about my hometown {4 days}

4 more days to go! and i've been SUPER busy, you have no idea. I even missed yesterday's post. 
I had this post in mind for a while and I think it's the right time to post it. I hope I keep on posting before we leave, wish me luck!

  • The local food: If you know about Maracaibo you know everything here tastes delicious, even though Vancouver is the foodie town, local food from this city is incredible, mostly because everything is fattening. I'll specially miss the hallacas in late November, December and January and arepas too, hopefully I'll find Harina PAN
  • My friends and family: I probably won't cry when I say my goodbyes but I'll definitely will when I hear Gaita in Christmas.
  • Being spoiled: leaving my home means my mom won't cook for me, no one is going to clean up after me, even less do the laundry. Leaving home means responsibilities but don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it.
  • The weather: Yes i know, this country could be a literal hell but when rainy days and cold kicks in I'll miss my sun but maybe just for a day.

It's impossible to not feel nostalgic about the place you grew up, that made you who you are, but then again there are some things that I definitely won't miss:

  • The weather: Maracaibo isn't called hornocity for nothing (horno stands for oven) and even though Raincouver's weather isn't the best I'll still won't miss the standard 48°C with 90% of humidity and NO wind.
  • The lifestyle: Vancouver is "streets ahead" when we talk about nightlife and culture. There are a billion things to do rather than go to a mall/movies and eat.
  • The sightseeing: let's face it, Maracaibo is NOT pretty, it's just humid and dirty and who's going to miss that? not me.
  • Crime: I believe this is the most important point of all, I really don't want to get something stolen or get murdered for an iPhone, I really don't. So yeah, walking without worrying that someone is going to kill you just for stealing from you is something I dearly want to experience.
So tell me, what is the one thing that you will miss about the place you live if you leave?

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