Friday, August 3, 2012

Tiny Lovely Links: Olympic Edition {27 days}

I know you have been following the games and for today I prepared some Olympic links for you. 

   Jay L. Clendenin took photographs of Olympic athletes with a really old camera and a 100 year old lens. The results are amazing.

♥   Do you want to know who's your Olympian body match? Mine is a High Jump Athlete.

♥   OMG! Look at all the photography gear for the Olympics. WANT!

♥    Did you know Reuters has 11 robotic cameras to shoot from every angle possible? Photographers can remotely operate the movements with a joystick. Here are examples of multiple exposures by Reuters photographers. Amazing or what?

♥   Follow the Pool Camera on twitter! Enjoy watching those swimmers from the bottom.

♥   The Joy of Tech presents to you The 2012 geek Olympics events. And the gold medal for the text messaging obstacle course goes to...

♥   Watch all the sports in 8-bit.

♥   How funny are all those awkward faces of divers and figure skaters? Here a compilation of the hilarious faces of the Olympians. Never gets old.

That's all for today! I hope you enjoy the links. 

And tell me, how happy are you for the Venezuelan Olympic Gold? I'm thrilled.
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