Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly Adventures on Instagram {17 days}

This week was kind of exciting, a lot of awesome people participated in my giveaway and today some of them won great books :) 

The Curiosity Mars Rover finally landed, Gian and I watched through a live stream and it was pretty cool watching all those people so happy. Great things are happening.   

I was also curious about how my hair looked with my natural hair, I learned I have a big head but I guess it looks ok.

I found the Oreo fudge cookies! They taste like heaven although I don't think I'm going to buy them again because they are kind of expensive.

Operation getting even was held yesterday, if you can see I have an arm more tanned than the other, why? I don't have air in my car so I have to drive with open windows, so all the sun is just raping me on my left arm. So I went with my love and my best friend to catch some sun but it's spicy as hell.

@eduardoequis took a picture of maracaibo's "slushies", I'm truly gonna miss them.

@vanetsoi took this pic and uploaded it without my permission, I could do the same but I'm not mean.

@chotempura and her husband looking handsome as usual. Loving her dress.

@onemarializo has the cutest dog who by the way won some books, yes the dog.

Next week is going to be intense! I'll turn 25 years this Tuesday woot! Have a nice week :) Pin It Now!

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