Friday, December 28, 2012

How to achieve your resolutions + printable

How many times have you found yourself at the end of the year writing new resolutions and wondering what happened with the ones you wrote last year?. If you are one of the few that actually accomplishes more than 50% of the goals you set yourself then CONGRATULATIONS! 

But the majority of us feel like we haven't done most of the things we wanted to do, and why is that?
  • Maybe you wrote down some unrealistic goals, like quitting your job and making $100.000 from your blog. Let's be serious, that's not going to happen. Goals need to be realistic, measurable and with a deadline. Saying that you want to lose 1 kg. or 2 pounds per month is more attainable.
  • You had too many goals. Focus on just a few rather than going crazy with lots.
  • You didn't write them down, or if you did you forgot about them the next week. A solution for this is to print a piece of paper (like the one I'm giving to you) with specific goals, an action plan with deadlines and put it in a visible place.
  • You wrote resolutions just for the heck of it. If they don't "speak" to you they won't motivate you. State a goal like it's your life mission for that year. 
The list could go on and on, but this post is not about that, on the contrary, I want to help you plan and monitor your goals.

Remember when I said to choose a few goals like 2 or 3? It's because for this to work we need to focus and the margin for quitting is lower. A few years ago I just had one resolution, to watch more than 100 new movies before December 31.

Then you should choose an area to work on next year, it could be: health, finance or blog building, choose whatever you want.

After that, you get to the part when you state a goal, let's say I want to be more fit next year, I'm not going to write down just that, it won't motivate me. Remember than for a goal or mission to work we need it to be realistic, measurable and with a deadline. So for my goal I could say: "Be able to finish a 5k race by December 2013" or "Get 3 hours of exercise per week"

Now that you have a goal you need to know how in the hell you are going to do it, it's time for an action plan, following the resources and deadline, with my "5K goal" it could go on like this:
  • Find out when are the nearest 5k races. It'll just take a minute on google, but the importance of this is to know a real deadline. Let's say there's a race by February and another one by August, obviously I won't be prepared for the first race so I chose the second one as a definitive deadline.
  • Then I choose when to train. I'm a sissy so these three first months are way too cold for me to train for a 5k race, I decide to train from May to August with a specific schedule. By the way, the couch-to-5k program is amazing.
The list should be specific and long enough so you know what to do and when and it should look like this:

Following these simple steps you will be able to see your progress and at the end of the year you'll be happy having achieved those goals, and it's Ok if you don't complete them, at least you are going to be way more close to accomplish your goals than you used to be.

Do you know what are your resolutions for 2013 yet? Let me know in the comments bellow :)

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