Monday, July 30, 2012

Movie Adventures {30 days}

We are leaving in a month! Days go by really fast. 4 years ago I was at Simon Bolivar International Airport, watching the Last Olympics Ceremony at Beijing. Today I'm freaking married and a month short to move to Canada. 

I took a photo of the Canadian athletes just for the heck of it. I also took a photo of the Venezuelan athletes but it was far too disappointing. 

On Saturday me and Gian went to see the new Batman Movie, we went early cause we know how people are. We ate sushi, went window shopping and started to make a line for the movie at 7:20pm (the movie started at 9:15pm)

I've always wanted Sony's bloggie camera for my vlogging dreams. I wanted to start a vlog, documenting the 50 days before we leave but I turned it into a blog.

Even though I didn't take a pic of my whole outfit that night, I was really proud of it. Right now I'm loathing all my clothes. I need a wardrobe rehab.

I tried on some Lita boots I really like, didn't know they were so comfortable. Gian told me I looked like Lady Gaga, I didn't know if he was insulting me but I took it at a compliment, she is fierce.   

We were second in line, it was really early. A lot of people did the same thing so we made the right choice.

About the movie, yes The Dark Night Rises was an epic conclusion. Kind of a long movie but it was worth it. I don't think this is spoilerish but here i go: Bane's voice was unexpected. Tom Hardy did a great job and so did Nolan (excellent piece of work) and Michael Caine (he almost makes me cry) and my other husband Joseph Gordon-Levitt oh and that guy, batman, we was great too.

Well that's all. Have a nice week :) Pin It Now!


  1. He escuchado demasiadas buenas reviews de los Lita de Jeffrey Campbell! No puedo creer que las hayas conseguido aquí! Puedo tomarme el atrevimiento de preguntarte en que tienda del Sambil? Me muero por ellas =(..

    Por cierto tu blog es bien chévere... recién comienzo a leerlo. Muy bueno!

    1. Hola F.P! Esas las encontré en la tienda Traffic del sambil, pero no son las lita originales de Jeffrey Campbell aunque meten la coba ;)
      Gracias por leer, saludos!