Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly adventures on Instagram {Day 31}

Oh my! There's exactly one month left for us here in this city and I feel there's still so much to do. I have in mind two little projects I hope I pull off, I'll talk about that later, today is instagram day.

This week I went to Go24, cool thing was that they have a large variety of Nail Polishes, I bought this "Dorothy shoes" polish. I don't remember the brand (worst blogger ever).  

On Tuesday we went to Tony Roma's for my step sister's bday, I was shocked by the high prices, one small mojito was 85bs ($20), but the food was incredible.        

I found this chocolate at Farmatodo. You HAVE to try it, it's very smooth and delicious. I'm going to miss Venezuelan chocolate like hell.

At the same drugstore I bought a vitamin C hair ampoule, but found some funny ones. Are those really duck embryo and bovine placenta? Nasty!

That night I used the vitamin C ampoule and put on some hair curlers just to have fun, I looked like doña florinda, it wasn't pretty but the results were! I had a very shiny and silky smooth hair. Next day the curls looked even better, I didn't take a picture tho.

I love this pic my friend @kashiic took of this tiny owl :3

I wish I had a golden like @joaconjoa's precious puppy, just to brag about it at La Vereda del Lago.

@vanetsoi reminded me of the time we went to a cruise back in 2005, we have to do it again!

I really want to know what @heyvero is going to do with all of those little clouds.

I hope you're having a nice weekend, see you tomorrow :)


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