Friday, July 27, 2012

Tiny Lovely Links {33 days}

Louis von Ahn *ajjem* the one who invented the captcha thingy, talks about what he is doing to help translate the whole Internet while learning a new language. Dude's smart!

 Get dressed like your favorite social media colors. I fancy the YouTube outfits. 

Get your stalker mode on and find out if someone view the photo links you send them.
I know there's always someone who is not entirely pessimistic but they kind of bump you out when you talk about your dreams and ideas. Read this article and stay positive!

Do you know when you hold the door for someone and they don't even say thank you? Or you say hello or good morning and they don't even notice you? Either way, never stop doing those nice things, you may be doing someone's day.

It has been freakishly hot in my hometown lately, like 45°C hot, here are 27 pieces you can wear in this hell.

The team from Delites came up with the idea of building a machine and see how far people would go to get freebies. Watch the experiment.

The other day Gian and I were talking about North Korea and how come there are almost no pictures of tourists and stuff (it turns out is not easy at all). A photographer, Charlie Crane, took over a year to get the proper permits to enter with his camera, and I believe it was worth it.

Could you imagine if Neil Armstrong had had an Instagram account? Watch the instagrammed versions of the Apollo 11.

Hope you enjoyed these links :) 

Have a happy Friday!
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