Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly Adventures on Instagram {9 days}

Oh man! It seems that yesterday started the official 10-days-to-go countdown! This week started just fine, with my bday happening and all. 

My family took me to a new restaurant called Bistro where the food was good, not great, the only thing great was the profiterol I ate, holy cow that was good! Then my incredibly awesome husband gave me two presents I looooove.

Next day I went to Caracas to meet my family and one of my favorite dogs, Nieto. Then my family threw a little farewell reunion with salchichon included.

You remember the post where I talked about my recent obsession about black and white portraits? Well last saturday when I arrived to Maracibo, I got together with some of my friends who were interested in being my models, we had a great time, you'll see the pics soon.

My friend @heyvero is filling her home with lovely post its, an idea she got from one of the links from my round ups.

@vanetsoi uploaded some behind the scene from the photo shoot :)

@caovillalobos did it too.

@jessitsoi drew troy and abed in the morning <3

That's all, this week I'll be delivering the books that are missing, stay tuned for my photo shoot pics.

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  1. ¡Amo mis notitas! Me alegran la vida por toda la casa :) Por cierto, me encantaron los retratos ;)

  2. love it, ya falta muy poco :( eso si no me gusta, per estoy feliz por ustedes