Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 3 and 4. BUSY!

Believe me when I say we don't have the time to surf the web,  next week I'll start with the regular posting most probably.

Gian and I went cellphone shopping and apartment hunting. So I don't have Lots of pics to show you other than these.

The place we are staying at live a Shih Tzu and yesterday the brother went to visit him. They were playing right next to me and Gian took this beautiful photo <3

Also went to a supermarket, and read this where they put the meat, this Spanish is funny and horrible at the same time.

The family that lives where we are staying held a BBQ party, it was so nice to meet people from all over the world, the food was incredible and sitting by the fire is always the best thing.

See ya :)

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