Monday, May 6, 2013

15 días / 2 miradas, my experience.

In January I made a post about this collaborative project called 15 dias / 2 miradas (15 days / 2 looks) created by Arlette Montilla, which consisted in portraying the Venezuelan's daily life outside the country and each participant has to take one photo for 15 days. Then she will try to look for similar situations for a comparative of our lives.

From April 17 to May 1 it was my turn, I believe our results were pretty interesting. A lot was happening in these 15 days so I had some cool stuff to document. I loved the challenge, and it seems that I can't stop taking daily pictures. 

Here are all the pictures we took, tell me what do you think of them in the comments :) 
Hope you enjoy them.

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