Thursday, July 19, 2012

Introduction to running {41 days}

Photo: Thomas Hawk

In the past 8 weeks, Gian and I have been a little more active than usual; we’ve been running religiously 3 times a week in a park near where we live, La Vereda del Lago.

We are trying to complete this plan for fat asses called Couch to 5k (more like Internet to 5k). Is basically a program that helps you run 5 kilometers without stopping during 9 weeks, each session is about 20 to 30 minutes and every week you’re making a progression so you build endurance, trust me, it gets hard that’s what she said.

This is our 8th week which means we are supposedly running non-stop for 20 minutes, now that we can maintain a steady pace is time for us to build speed, I barely run 4k.

This program was built especially for people that have never run, trust me, we are surprised of our progress. The first couple of weeks when we had to run for 2 minutes we couldn’t even breath, now we can pull a non-stop 15-20 minutes.

Tonight's run, slow but effective.

We’ve been using an app for iPhone called Runmeter, even though there’s a bunch of other apps with the same program, Android has a lot of apps too. I'll get around to this topic soon.

In the near future I’ll be giving some tips about running and more, if you are interested in more info make sure you stay tuned :)

Let me know in the comments below if you have running experience or you’d like to start running? What would you like me to write about this topic in particular?

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