Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I freaking love vancity {42 days}


Photo: Julius Reque

Have you ever been so fixated about something in particular that at some point in your life you realize this obsession is becoming a reality? In the past few years I’ve been truly obsessed about going to Vancouver. I’ve been as passionate about that city as the same way you probably are about Paris, New York or Tokyo.

My fascination for Vancouver grew stronger by the day, a pink cloud of nostalgia helped a lot because I lived there for three months back in 2005 studying English at EF a School of language and I told myself that I wanted to spend my whole life there.

A year ago I was given the opportunity to continue my studies abroad, imagine my joy. Evidently I chose Vancouver and moved my ass to get accepted in a University (TOEFL stuff and whatnot)

I finally got accepted by January to study Marketing Management so Gian and I decided to get married, because he shares my dream of living together in that beautiful city.

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So why have I been so fixated you ask? Well Vancouver it’s truly an amazing city (located on the west coast of Canada, near Seattle). It’s literally one of the best cities in the world to live, the past few years it has been at the top on The Economist Intelligent Unit’s report. It’s also a very multicultural city, 52% of the people aren’t native, which means it’s loaded with restaurants from all over the world. It’s an adventurous city too, you can go ski at the nearby town of Whistler, climb at Grouse Mountain, do and watch all sorts of sports and shop at Robson street as well (that’s another type of adventure).

3 things I absolutely loved about my stay in Vancity (as locals like to call it):
  1.  The people, they were freakishly kind, even the bus driver smiles at you, I don’t know where you live but that wasn’t normal for me.
  2. The sightseeing, this city is completely gorgeous without a question.
  3.  The food, I didn’t have a single bad experience, everything tasted delicious, specially the salmon.
I regret 3 things I didn’t do on my trip:
  1.   Not staying longer, I mean c’mon, I was young and dumb.
  2.  Not taking more pictures, my love for photography was born there but I didn’t develop it until later on so I don’t have so many memorable moments on camera.
  3.    Not trying more new things to eat, I’m a very picky eater but there I learned to eat sushi, Korean, Indian, etc., I would have liked to take more risks.

From time to time I freak out about having too high expectations of Vancouver, I imagine myself arriving and realizing it’s not that great, and it was just the nostalgia talking, but then I read about something remarkable happening in the city and I’m suddenly crazy again about leaving this hell hole of a country.

TL;DR I freaking love Vancouver

Now, tell me where do you see yourself living at? Do you have a fascination for a city or a place in particular?

If you want to know more about this city follow these awesome blogs I love:

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Miss 604 is about lifestyle and events in Vancity.
Vancouver Slop and Eating in vancouver are two foodie blogs that talk about restaurants and dishes in the city.

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  1. Quizas sea clichúo, pero desde que fui a Paris la tengo como mi obsesión personal, y aunque quizás no me vea a mi mismo viviendo allí, me sigue pareciendo ridículamente hermosa.

    No tengo idea de en qué ciudad vivir, y también sé que no quiero quedarme en Maracaibo toda la vida, pero a París me gustaría volver a verla en primera persona más de una vez.

    1. I know the feeling :) Igual, no importa para donde se vaya uno siempre va a ser mejor que esto, aunque si es Paris uff.