Friday, July 20, 2012

Tiny Lovely Links {40 days}

This is a link roundup that I'll deliver every friday morning. 
You'll find tiny lovely things that I enjoyed this week.

The video you'll see next is a little something Gian and I pulled off last month for an acting project made by Fred Armisen called Be serious for 30 seconds in which there are 7 rules to be followed:

1. The topic has to be serious, not even ironic. 
2. No more that 2 people in the video
3. It has to be 30 seconds or less
4. At least one 5 second dramatic pause
5. One cutaway to an object
6. Best acting possible
7. And it has to end with a door slamming

If you make one please let me know.

There's a je ne sais quoi about french women I love so much, here BellaSugar explains what makes french beauty so french?
I absolutely fell in love with these coin holders from , I want the dollar one :)
Model and blogger Natasha Ndlovu shows us how she wears a beautiful black top and skirt, she definitely has a style I envy.

Are you a hardcore procrastinator? OMG me too! Anuscha Rees gives awesome advice to get shit done in her blog.
If you have been feeling very bored lately go on a mission and add happiness to your life.
The Perfect Pear blog throws some seriously great photography tips for food.

Refinery29 wrote an article about 9 ways stay gorgeous when you travel, this will come in handy for my traveling fashion hunt.

I'm dying to make these test tube vases, they look so damn PRETTY!

This little dude makes impressions of characters from Game of Thrones, NAILS each and every one of them.

IkeaHackers teach us how can we make large mirros for dancing, too bad we don't have an ikea here :(

I'll be so freaking happy if someone throws a 5k color run in my hometown before we leave.

Try these apps if you want to digitalize your closet and become an organization freak.

I love what Kelly Osbourne said about her hair and makeup: “Anyone who spends more than 10 minutes on their makeup needs a little bit of help, unless you’re going to some kind of event. It ain’t gonna change your face — learn to love your face. Work with what you have, not what you don’t have.”

Did you like these links? Tell me what did you like the most?

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  1. omg the "be serious in 30 seconds project" HAHA didn't know about this... and gian being the drama king!

  2. Awesome stuff about the happiness project and the one about GOT impressions.. pretty pretty good.. congratz kiri :)