Monday, July 16, 2012

Tiny kittens {44 days}

Today I'm sharing this video I made of the kittens that live at my sister's in law house. Their mother is a stray cat or as we like to call her a "freelance" cat (she is always minding her own business).

Freelance cat called manchitas, gave birth to 4 tiny things a month ago give or take.

The first two are male cats, they are my favorite ones. The first is very shy but sweet, if it was mine I'd call it "El zorro" because it looks like it has a mask and the little stripy one its the most active and playful, I'd call it Tiger (yeah I'm the worst at naming)

The other two female cats are somewhat reserved, the first one always look kind of sad and the second its really curious.

I originally made this post to tell you they were up for adoption, but it seems that my sister in law's husband is going to give them to someone he knows. So, this is me posting some cats on the Internet, it seems like there's never enough of them.

On another note, that same night my friends and I went to a place called Wok, we had lots of fun, I'm really going to miss them. I have some pictures I tried to take of my best friend, isn't she a doll?

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