Friday, July 13, 2012

My love {47 days}

Left: at one of our first date / Right: at our honeymoon

Today I'm introducing my husband to give a little more background. 

His name is Gian, a brilliant graphic designer. So me being an advertiser/PR/photographer I believe we could make a good team, we haven't worked together though. 

We love cooking and eating together, sing silly songs, derping in general, watching movies, the internet and Vancouver

We dislike noisy kids, being apart, dumb people, this country and its government.

3 months ago :)
We've been together for almost 3 years as a couple and tomorrow is our 3 months anniversary as married couple, because we've been planning to move to Vancouver.

I think we are meant to be, why? the Internet told me so, no, I'm not crazy, let me explain. Many years ago we started following each other on Stumble Upon, just because he was almost the only one from the same city I live but we didn't meet until tumblr showed up.

I made some friends on tumblr and organized a couple of tumblr meet ups. I remember the day he posted something in Spanish and I was surprised we lived in the same city (back then I didn't know he was the same guy from Stumble Upon). His sense of humor was and still is directly connected to my funny bone, everything he posted was funny to me.

The day we met

So I invited him to a tumblr meet up, little did I know he was going to be the love of my life, so he went, we met offline at a pizza and gelato place and then we went to a club where we sang our hearts out to our song "Uprising" from Muse.

So from there we started talking in every was possible, chatting, skyping, texting, until a month later we decided to meet again, this time as a date, on October 30, we went to watch "The shining" in the public library, how hipster of us.

We've never been apart since. I can't imagine my life without him.

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