Monday, July 23, 2012

Shopping Adventures {37 days}

Quick update: the black and white female cat died two days after I posted about them, she was inside a box and the ungodly amount of heat was unbearable for her. The black female cat is gone (not dead) someone took her away.

On the weekend, Gian and I decided to go to Portico and Tapara. They both have a little bit of everything.

In Portico we were looking for a picture frame, we wanted to give his family a picture of our wedding for their home.

While Gian was looking for the perfect frame I was wandering about. I found these funny looking dog busts, I wish I had a home for them.

I also found some lovely thingies, just look at them... 

Tapara is another awesome store, it was actually my first time there. It's full of pieces from different Venezuelan designers. I saw beautiful stuff but left kind of empty handed (had to buy a gift but couldn't buy something for me, expensive >.<)

Even though I forgot that day was our 3 month anniversary we went to dolcissimo and ate delicious lobster tail.

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1 comment:

  1. los cuadros de paris T_T quiero ir a portico like now!

    los perros esos son el rock btw!