Thursday, August 9, 2012

20 basics for my style {20 days}

I've been quite busy in the past couple of days, Gian and I have been doing some errands relevant to our trip. At the same time I'm so glad you guys have been helping me with the giveaway stuff, I haven't been on twitter or posting a lot, so THANK YOU!

Ever since Pinterest was relevant to my life I've been collecting images to update my style or to have one at all. The items in my wardrobe are either something that were a gift from my mom/family or something I bought probably because it was cheap.

I never gave too much attention about choosing the right piece for my wardrobe but this past few months everytime I go window shopping and I see something that catches my eye I'm always thinking if that piece is going to match with the rest of my clothes or if I'm going to wear it at all, regardless of the price. Cheap clothes doesn't always mean they're the right choice and expensive clothes doesn't mean you're a fashionista either.

Today I'm choosing 20 basic pieces for building MY style

I have to say that all my tank tops and t-shirts have acquired a special place right in my PJ's drawer, I used to dress just for comfort and necessity but I've gained a sense of fashion (even though it hasn't showed up in my wardrobe)

Almost all of my pants are blue jeans, I wish to have a little more colors and textures.

I truly love skirts, my grandma made some maxi skirts for me because she is the best, also cause I wish to wear them more often and because I'm so short (5'1"/155cm) I can only wear really long or above the knee skirts, if i wear something in between I look shorter. By the way, a pencil skirt is my ultimate want, more if its peplum.
I used to wear hoodies all the time but I've grown to hate them. For my basics I chose a cardigan, a sweater and a nice coat for winter.

Along with the skirts I wish I'd wear more dresses but I don't actually own very casual dresses. My old dresses look a little too old and not in a cute vintage chic kind of way.

I loved to wear flip flops or anything that's comfortable but I'm kind of sick of it. I'm craving for some Lita boots or a pair of black boot wedges, some decent flats, updated pair of heels and some lovely oxfords.

I wish to do a wardrobe cleansing so stay tooned and see what is savable from my closet and what's not.

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