Monday, October 22, 2012

Instameet Vancouver in October

Yesterday was a really fun day, I finally got to meet cool people from instagram. This instameet it's organized every month as a photowalk. I brough my camera with me and these are my favorite photos, I didn't take that many because Gian and me had to leave early to the whitecaps game :)

The fashionable girl bellow @beyunique was posing for me, loved her animal print hat.

I've been following @bryceevansphoto since I was living in Venezuela, it's nice to see one of your favorite insagrammers in action.

We went to the Science World and got cool shots there.

Sick photographer @artfuldesperado, @girloclock (organizer) and @bryceevansphoto

Captured @lisawoodenshoes taking photos of the fall. She was an interesting subject to photograph.

And this was the whole group, the pic was taken by @girloclock in front of the salt building near Olympic Village station. Hope I can see them all again next month.

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  1. Awesome photos and blog! It was nice meeting you! :)