Thursday, October 11, 2012

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As you know (or don't know) last Sunday the Venezuelan elections were held, Chavez won... again. I'm not going to talk about politics because I kind of hate that topic.

Ironically the Monday after that was Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, but I could only be thankful for one thing only, being away from my country, being safe. I'm not going to be a downer here, but I'm going to focus on the thanks thing.

At one of my bus rides.

Canadians are famous for being very sorry or very thankful. In a normal day I hear people say sorry or thank you about 10 to 20 times, so this guys are very polite. Even when they get off a bus they scream "THANK YOU!" to the driver, and funnily enough they sometimes say "YOU WELCOME!", and I sometimes do it too.

So I was wondering how many times did I hear someone saying thanks to their bus driver, did I ever say it back in Maracaibo? Of course not, those are radically different cultures, but what if you start saying thanks to someone who don't get that too often?

I don't imagine people in Maracaibo saying a legitimate "Hey! bus driver, thank you for not letting us all get killed this time!" because let's face it, its hot as hell, there are like 100 sweaty people touching you and the driver is a maniac, but it could be fun if we start being polite to everyone around us.
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  1. hey bus driver, thank you for that sweet gigantic soundsystem in the back blaring colombian music! it really made my morning commute a remarcable experience